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Long-lasting, beautiful all year, maintenance-free... the preserved moss have numerous advantages! If you're a professional looking for a beautiful and natural product for decoration, we offer premium preserved plants and flowers that will amaze your customers! With other products such as mosses or foilages, you'll be able to create awesome floral compositions with high quality material. 

The many uses of preserved mosses

Preserved moss is often used in the framework of interior design, mainly the creation of plant-covered walls or boards. Whether used as a background to support other preserved plants or as a the central product of a piece of work, preserved moss is trendy and fresh and will make your creativity shine!

Professionals will appreciate our premium preserved mosse. We invite you to discover various kinds of mosses with diffent colours and shapes. SecondFlor provides professionals with all the necessary elements to make high quality plant-covered walls that perfecly meet aesthetic requirements of your customers. 

The preserved  moss

It's simply a natural moss which perfectly keeps its freshness and beautiful appearance for years thanks to a special treatment,.. This is why it's so widely used and so practical in interior design.

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