SecondFlor is a wholesaler of preserved plants and flowers. We offer all kinds of beautiful and long-lasting plants. Roses are rich in significations: they are the centerpieces of all creations. To enjoy the beauty and delicacy of this flower, we offer you preserved roses that won't fade!

Whether you are a florist or an interior designer, you'll surely appreciate our preserved eternal roses.


Our preserved roses and their benefits

Our eternal roses have great advantages. First: they are real natural flowers. The preservation process involves replacing the sap with a liquid that allows it to last much longer. That means that you can manage your stocks more easily, you can use our eternal roses for arrangements, for walls, tables or plants. Moreover, you will be able to offer a high value product to your customers. What's more romantic than a rose that does not fade?



Eternal roses of all colours for all uses

To give free rein to your creativity, we offer our preserved roses in many colours (yellow, pink, blue). For more diversity, we also offer them with or without stem. Do you want to complete your flower arrangements? We also sell preserved orchids!

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